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Build Your Own Skate Park With Keen Ramps!

On Feb. 14th, our founder Cory Keen, led a 3D skatepark design workshop at the NextUp Foundation in Anaheim, CA. Cory previously NextUp in the summer to build a quarter pipe and skate racks with the kids. The mission of Next Up Foundation is to use skateboarding to help underserved youth overcome life challenges to become successful, goal-driven role models.

Cory began the workshop by explaining how design and 3D renderings assist day to day Keen Ramps business development and the creation of custom contest and demo courses. Next, the students were walked through the basic tools and functions of the Google SketchUp program and shown how to create a basic mini half pipe.

The challenge was to create a scaled 3D runway followed by a 3 stair double-set, and a side hubba (a mini side wall alongside the stairs) with a skater on it performing any trick. The winner was Brian Pineda, shown in the photo below. The staff at NextUp said the workshop left them thinking about other ways to expand and stretch the students’ vision about real math life-skills. Thank you NextUp for having Cory at the Success Lab! Looking forward to doing more with this phenomenal organization!

The workshop was an excellent way to teach geometry and math skills. Once all the students completed their mini half pipe design projects, Cory presented a design challenge and an opportunity for the winner to receive $20.

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