Keen Ramps offers a variety of skateboard and other action sports ramp rentals for events, demos, contests, church events, production/ filming purposes, music videos, birthday parties, parade floats, and more. As with the ramps we sell, all of our rentals are built and designed by skateboarders so we can assure you they’re the safest, most durable, and fine tuned specifications available. Whether you just need a small kicker ramp for a casting call or you need us to build a full blown contest course... Keen Ramps has the expertise, equipment, and crew to exceed your ramp rental needs and expectations.




Our ramps have been rented and featured by/in affiliation with:

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Ramp rental rates vary depending on the size of the ramp(s), location, and duration of the rental. Ramps can be rented anywhere between a few hours or as long as you'd like... even for months. We typically offer delivery for our rental services throughout Southern California including LA, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. However, we have and are willing to go just about anywhere. i.e. Las Vegas, New York, Florida, etc. You are also welcome to pick-up the ramps from our warehouse in Long Beach, CA.


Ramps we typically have available for rent are mini half pipes 3', 3.5’, or 4' high by 8', 12', or 16’ wide, quarter pipes of all sizes, rails, grind boxes, launch and kicker ramps, pole jams, spines, manual pads, etc. We do have the ability to build any custom/ larger scale half pipes, vert ramps, street courses, or creative concepts you may have in mind (i.e. giant skateable logos).

Keen Ramps has a lot of experience working with corporate teams to bring our top quality creations to whatever your project may be, including but not limited to...
Keen Ramps Quarter Pipe Studio Rent
5' Quarter Pipe frontside air photo shoot skate ramp for hire
Trade Shows
ComplexCom: Rokit
Chilled Air Go Skateboarding Day Show
Grand Openings
Active Rideshop Menifee, CA
Keen Ramps Mini Half Pipe LA Grove
skate board ramp for rent at community festival LA Grove
Skate Contests
2016 Sun Diego Am Slam
Corp. & Nonprofit Events
ASK course at Long Beach Convention Center
2016 Belmont Shore Christmas Parade
The Ellen Degenerous Show
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If you'd like to receive a skate ramp rental quote today, please fill out our contact form with as many details as you’re able to provide. We always do our best to respond to all inquiries within one business day.

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